The Story of Made on Mars

The Story of Made on Mars

During my years in Silicon Valley, I got exposed to a lot of nerdy sweatshirts and t-shirts and started to incorporate athleisure into my wardrobe. However, I found most prints too nerdy and the manufacturing low quality. Embroidery in fashion become more popular around that time. This sparked the idea to create sweatshirts that I’d want to wear.

So, I came up with a couple not-too nerdy STEM-themed designs, created a couple prototypes, and started wearing them. The key distinguishing feature is that the designs are embroidered for durability and won’t crack or wash off like printed designs.

These sweatshirts quickly became the most attention-grabbing and conversation-starting items in my closet. Next, I created a few more sweatshirts and gave them to family and friends. They reported a similar interest in these sweatshirts. Friends and strangers alike would ask where they could buy these sweatshirts.

All this interest prompted me to go to Los Angeles to meet with manufacturers. It was important to me to visit fabric mills, dye houses, pattern makers, sewing facilities, and personally meet with the people who would be crafting the sweatshirts.

I worked to strike a balance between responsible fashion and affordable prices. After all, these sweatshirts are a creative way to support my mission to communicate scientific and technological advancements to the general public. The more people could buy my sweatshirts, the greater the impact of my brand would be. That’s how the Made on Mars sweatshirt collection was born.